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Frequently asked questions

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About privacy policy

We never divulge information obtained online about our customers. The data entered in your online account is confidential and will under no circumstances be disclosed or shared with a third party.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety by keeping up to date technology used to encrypt information transmitted. However, no security mechanism is perfect and you should be aware that there is always a level of risk that personal information that you transmit to Signoplus be disclosed without any fault on our part and without your consent. We disclaim any responsibility about the fact that such confidential information about you may be disclosed, except in cases of negligence on our part. It should be noted that, for your security, no information on credit cards is stored on our servers.

If you have any questions or if you have difficulty accessing the secure section (lock indicating your security level), we invite you to contact us by phone at 819-378-2765 or 1 800-567-8551 so that we can complete your order or answer your questions.

About security on our website

To ensure complete safety when  purchasing on-line, we opted for an encryption technology.Thus, the information transmitted to the financial institution remains private.

This technology using SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to 4096 bits allows you to enter your credit card number, with the assurance of non-intrusion. This technology creates a completely secured channel between your computer and our administration communication.

Are there graphic design fees for special panels?

The graphic design fees are included in the price of special panels when they are part of a firm order. Graphic design fees of $60.00 per hour will be charged in any other case. Once your order has been entered, a PDF proof will be submitted for the purpose of obtaining your approval to proceed. Changes that must be made following this first proof will be free. Changes for subsequent proofs will be billed at $20.00 each.

How can I track my order once entered?

After sending your order, a tracking number is sent to you by email. You can follow your package until it destination.

How to make a request for special or custom panels?

Please refer to our request form or contact us.

How to open a corporate account and what are the benefits?

A corporate account allows one to make frequent purchases, at specific prices based on an established commercial agreement. It also makes it possible to establish terms of credit other than paying by credit card. Thus, you can benefit from the simplicity of our on-line purchasing system.

In order to establish a corporate account, you must create your profile, then check the “Corporate Client Account Box?”

What are the shipping fees?

Shipping fees are based on the weight and the volume at the lowest cost in the market. Packages of 25 kg or less are shipped via Dicom Express or Purolator, depending on the destination. Packages over 25 kg are shipped via Go-jit, Thibodeau or TST Overland again depending on their destination

What currency is used for transactions?

Transactions are conducted in Canadian dollars (CAN$). For other arrangements, please contact us.

What is the cart? How to place my order?

The cart shows the panels you have selected and the quantity ordered. You can delete existing panels or modify the quantity and submit for a new calculation of the subtotal, return to the catalogue by pressing on the icon “Add more products” or complete the purchasing process by pressing on the icon “Next Step”.

Each step will explain how to proceed. Please note that you need to have an account or create one. See how to get a corporate account.

In case of doubt or uncertainty about your order, we suggest that you inform us in step 3 "Summary". Be assured that we will contact you by phone or email.

What is the production time?

The production time is generally 60 business days for orders of standards panels. Concerning temporary signs, the delivery time is usually 7 business days, depending on the order quantities. The time of producing custom panels will vary according to the nature of the project. In this case, we will contact you to inform you.

What is the return policy for merchandise?

All products manufactured by Signoplus and related resale products are not exchangeable (can not be returned) or refundable except in the event of a defect in materials or workmanship. You must contact us to give us reasons requiring a merchandise return and obtain a return authorization number. We will determine at the same time if we assume transportation costs.

What is the warranty on Signoplus products?

The signs panels made with engineer grade film are warranted for 7 years. Those which are fabricated with high intensity and grade sheetings diamond are warranted for 10 years. The signs made of vinyl have a 4, 6, 7 or 9 years warranty depending the sheeting. More details could be provided if requested.

Signoplus - A Spectralite division

Signoplus is a large sign manufacturer of signage (street names, traffic signs, signage for bicycle paths, industries, road transport, transport of dangerous goods, tourism (pictograms), signs in inuktitut and cree, emergency stops for school buses, custom panels, posts and mounting hardware (fasteners). Signoplus uses the following materials: aluminum, CoroplastMC, PlexiglasMD, retroreflective sheeting, vinyl sheetings (stickers), fiberglass, CrézonMD, AlumaliteMD, LusterboardMD, Omega-BondMD and magnetic vinyl.